Interstate 275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements

Project Scope:

These improvements represent the most significant change to traffic patterns in the area. Improvements to the I-275/SR32 Interchange will address a variety of problems associated with the existing interchanges. These problems include high accident rates, increasing traffic and congestion, and inappropriately spaced roadway access points that require motorists to merge quickly and weave in between accelerating traffic.

Planned Improvements Include:

  • Widening portions of SR 32 from Old SR 74 to Eastgate Square Drive
  • Constructing new ramps to provide new access to SR 32 from I-275, as well as new ramps and structures under I-275 that will allow for the Aicholtz Road Connector
  • Improving safety by increasing the spacing distance between on and off ramps to eliminate weaving traffic

Start of Construction:


Community Benefit:

The I-275/SR 32 Interchange Improvements are a well-coordinated series of projects that have been designed to serve current as well as projected travel demand, which simply means that project managers have anticipated planned growth in the area and these improvements will support these potential changes. Importantly, improvements will also reduce congestion and delay, and improve roadway safety.

Construction Cost:

$33 million (Estimated)