The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District (CCTID) works across geographic and political lines to improve the quality of life in Clermont County by stimulating economic development through transportation improvements. 

Projects advanced by the CCTID ease congestion, expand access to current and future business and shopping locations, and improve safety for all who travel through the area. 

Established in June 2006, the CCTID’s primary function is to take the lead in working between local jurisdictional partners and other county, state and federal agencies to identify, develop and secure funding for transportation improvement projects that support local and regional economic development strategies.

In this role, the CCTID is able to pool public and private resources available to the County to accelerate the timing and pace of transportation improvement projects.   The CCTID actively seeks out and builds partnerships that harness private sector innovation and resources, encourages competition, and optimizes the assignment of risk.  Through this approach, the CCTID brings about cost-effective and environmentally compatible solutions for project development and delivery.

The CCTID has a proven track record of success.

The CCTID is governed by a board of five voting members and two non-voting members:

CCTID Board of Trustees & Officers

  • Lyle Bloom 
    Chair of the CCTID and Director of Utilities, Clermont County Water Resource Department 
  • Jeremy Evans 
    Secretary-Treasurer of the CCTID and Clermont County Engineer
  • Matt Taylor
    CCTID board member and Union Township Service Director
  • Honorable Adam Bird
    Mr. Bird represents the 66th House District of Ohio, and is a non-voting member of the CCTID