Bristol Road Bridge Replacement

Project Scope:

The Bristol Road Bridge will be rebuilt on new alignment upstream from the existing structure. During construction, the current bridge will remain in use.

Start of Construction:

Aug. 6, 2018

Community Benefit:

The Clermont County Engineer’s Office maintains 418 bridges in the county, 186 of which were built before 1968. Replacement of the existing Bristol Road Bridge structure is critical to ensuring the safety of those who travel across this bridge frequently to cross the Ten Mile Creek in Pierce Township. The bridge is the single point of entry for residents who live in the area.

Estimated Completion Date:

Nov. 30, 2018

Estimated Construction Cost:


Project Documents:

Project Status

During construction, a partial road closure will be put into place on SR 749, but two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the course of the project.

Check out some recent photos from our work in progress.

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