SR 32 Improvements at Bells Lane

Project Scope:

The SR 32 Improvements at Bells Lane are part of a coordinated regional program to improve travel and safety along SR 32, as well as the roads that support traffic moving to and from SR 32.

Beginning in July 2018, multiple improvements will take place throughout the project area, including:

  • Adding dual left turn lanes on westbound SR 32 at Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road/Bells Lane and on eastbound SR 32 at Old SR 74;
  • Widening pavement along Old SR 74 from SR 32 to Summerside Road;
  • Widening pavement and adding new turn lanes along Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road between Jackie Lane and SR 32;
  • Widening pavement along Aicholtz Road (Old SR 74) from Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road to the newly completed Aicholtz Road Connector;
  • Widening pavement and turn lanes along Bells Lane from SR 32 to Marjorie Lane;
  • Replacing and adding sidewalks along the north side of Aicholtz Road (Old SR 74) east of Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road; along the north side of Old SR 74 between the strip mall and Summerside Road; along the west side of Summerside Road from Old SR 74 to approximately 100 feet past the intersection; and along the east side of Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road between Old SR 74 and SR 32;
  • Improving access to various properties along Old SR 74 between SR 32 and Summerside Road and along Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road between Jackie Lane and Old SR 74;
  • Improving the intersection, including traffic signal replacements, sidewalks and widening at Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road/Old SR 74; SR 32/Bells Lane; SR 32/Old SR 74; and Old SR 74/Summerside Road.

Start of Construction:

July 2018

Community Benefit:

The improvements at SR 32 and Bells Lane and within the project area will improve access to and from SR 32 and support better traffic movements following the removal of the southern end of the SR 32/Old SR 74 intersection. This work will also support ongoing investment along the SR 32 corridor that improves safety and provides better access to business and retail destinations in the Eastgate area.

Estimated Completion Date:

August 2019

Estimated Construction Cost:


Project Documents:

Project Map West
Project Map

Project Status

We are under construction!

... and still on schedule to be finished this summer ...

Work on SR 32 and Old SR 74 north of SR 32 has been completed. Crews have also finished much of the work on Mt. Carmel-Tobasco Road south of Aicholtz.

Traffic on Bells Lane between Aicholtz and SR 32 has been switched to the west side of the road as work continues on the east side of Bells Lane.

Next up - traffic signal installation and coordination, and finishing out a few minor project tasks.

Here are some project area photos as our work progresses:

View more project area photos here.