Clepper Lane Extension

Project Scope:

Clepper Lane will be widened from three to five lanes between Gate Drive and just east of Glen Este-Withamsville Road.
Improvements will include dual left turn lanes from eastbound Clepper Lane to Glen Este-Withamsville Road.
In addition, Clepper Lane will be extended one mile east and a new roadway will be built from the east end of the existing portion of Clepper Lane to Bach-Buxton Road.
Curb, gutter and new stormwater systems will be added within the project area.
A new traffic signal will be installed at the new intersection of Clepper Lane and Bach-Buxton Road and the traffic signals at the intersections of Clepper Lane and Gate Drive as well as Clepper Lane and Glen Este-Withamsville Road will be upgraded to accommodate the additional lanes of traffic.

Start of Construction:

July 2019

Community Benefit:

The Clepper Lane Extension project is part of the comprehensive program of projects to improve safety and connectivity along the SR 32 Corridor. Specifically, these improvements will provide better traffic flow south of SR 32 and provide additional travel options for traffic moving between Bach-Buxton Road and Glen Este-Withamsville Road.
Along with the improvements being made on Old SR 74, this project will help alleviate significant traffic pressure along SR 32 by providing drivers with an alternate east-west travel route.

Estimated Completion Date:

Aug. 2021

Estimated Construction Cost:


Project Documents:

Project Status:

We are under construction!

Check out a few project-area photos as our work progresses:

View more project area photos here.