Aicholtz Road Connector

Project Scope:

The Aicholtz Road Connector has reestablished a vital link in the Eastgate area’s roadway network by reopening a portion of Aicholtz Road that was disconnected when I-275 was originally built. When improvements on I-275 at SR 32 were made in 2015, the underpass was reconstructed to allow local improvements on Aicholtz to take place.

A new center turn lane is helping to ease congestion and reduce conflict points for turning traffic. Aicholtz has also been widened; there are two travel lanes west of I-275 to Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road, where the alignment was improved, and three lanes from I-275 to Eastgate Boulevard.

A new sidewalk on the south side of the street supports pedestrian activity throughout this corridor, and has also improved connectivity to the Ivy Pointe area.

PHASE 1 of this project from Eastgate Boulevard to I-275 began in the summer of 2016, and was completed in 2017.

PHASE 2 of this project from I-275 to Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road was completed in 2017.

Construction Timing:


Community Benefit:

The Aicholtz Connector is helping to reduce congestion on SR 32 and improve access and mobility for local residents and businesses. For traffic traveling between the Eastgate area and Mt. Carmel Tobasco Road, the Aicholtz Connector provides an alternative route to SR 32.

Significant safety enhancements have also been made with the addition of a center turn lane and roadway alignment improvements.

Construction Cost:

$6.25 million

Project Documents:

Aicholtz map

Project Status:

This project is completed!

Following are a few photos of our completed work. You can view additional project photos here.