US 50/SR 131/Milford Parkway

Project Scope:

The improvements for the US 50/SR 131/Milford Parkway intersection project involved road width and turn lane modifications.  The project also supported plans for future pedestrian access throughout the area.

The improvements:

  • Widened the west side of SR 131 to better align turn lanes and provide longer turn and receiving lanes
  • Widened Milford Parkway to accommodate a second left-turn only lane to westbound US 50
  • Widened westbound US 50 on the north side to accommodate alignment and length modifications to turn lanes and to convert one of the existing right turn lanes into a through-only lane
  • Widened the SR 131 bridge over Happy Hollow Run and restore the degraded stream channel immediately north of the SR 131 bridge
  • Upgraded intersection traffic signal timing
  • Provided a sidewalk extension along eastbound US 50 to the US 50/SR 131/Milford Parkway intersection and south along Milford Parkway

Construction Timing:


Community Benefit:

Turning lane improvements and longer receiving lanes made travel through the US 50/Milford Parkway Intersection easier and safer. The new sidewalk created better pedestrian access to the River’s Edge/Milford Commerce Park area.

Construction Cost:


Project Status:

This project is completed!