Round Bottom Road Bridge Replacement

Project Scope:

The existing 225-foot bridge over the east fork of the Little Miami River just south of US Route 50 in Perintown has been replaced. The bridge is inspected routinely, along with all 419 bridges maintained by the county. Following prior inspections, it was determined that replacing the bridge would be more efficient than seeking to maintain it further.

Construction Timing:


Community Benefit:

The Round Bottom Road Bridge was originally built as a steel truss bridge in 1896. Prior to this project, the last major rehabilitation of the bridge occurred in 1976 when concrete beams were installed. The walls that supported those beams were original to the 1896 bridge. The replacement of the bridge was critical to maintaining the east-west connection between US Route 50 and Hamilton County.

Construction Cost:


Project Documents:

Project Status:

This project is completed!

Following are a few photos of our completed work. You can view additional project photos here.