Olive Branch-Stonelick Road Landslide Stabilization Project

Project Scope:

This project will repair a landslide on Olive Branch-Stonelick Road, located in Stonelick Township. This project is located 0.4 miles southwest of State Route 222. At this location, the roadway has been restricted to one lane due to the embankment failure caused by the erosion. In order to repair the damage, a drilled shaft wall will be installed, and the embankment reconstructed. Guardrail will also be installed to protect vehicles from the remaining drop-off.

Start of Construction:

Summer 2023

Community Benefit:

Stabilizing the roadway to re-open the road to two lanes making for safer travel.

Estimated Completion Date:

Winter 2023

Estimated Construction Cost:


Project Documents:

Project Status:

The project has been completed.